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Indymedia UK to award winner of contributor of the year.

The IMC-UK-FEATURES Working Group - a team of 30 experts from five  
countries - will be awarding the coveted Contributor Of The Year  
Award tonight at the 2006 BP Alternative Media Awards ceremony held  
at the prestigious Lancaster Hotel. This is the tenth anniversary of  
the Awards, which this year has a new sponsor - Sir Bono. This is the  
second year to include the Fox News sponsored £5,000 Indymedia  
Contributors Awards and for the second year running the award goes to  
the illusive 2Sam for contributions beyond the call of duty.

The 2Sam was were chosen ahead of four other shortlisted posters  
including overseas pro-zionist entries from the USA. UK entries  
making the shortlist included long running favorite Twilight, FOR  
PROLIFIC USE OF CAPS; the Khoodeelaar team for unflinching dedication  
to reveal something; and King Amdo for his modest blessings.

Ultimately the judges were most impressed by the constant efforts of  
2Sam, who has sometimes managed in excess of two dozen posts per day  
despite rarely managing to keep one on the newswire for more than a  
few minutes. 2Sam has worked with amazing and unrecognized dedication  
for well over a year to seed disinformation and distrust using  
multiple personas and by attempting to impersonate legitimate  
campaign groups. Responsible for such classics as the Indymedia  
Monitoring Group and Indymedia GB, 2Sam is by far and away IMC UKs  
most prolific poster that nobody has ever heard of, accounting for  
around 50% of the nominations in the 'view all posts' section.

Richard D North, Chair of the Judging Panel, said: "We have been  
delighted to again have had a very strong shortlist for this  
prestigious Award, with entries from both the UK and overseas. This  
demonstrates an increasing interest in alternative media from all  
sectors of the community."

TV presenter and culinary entrepreneur Loyd Grossman, presented the  
award. "It’s reassuring to see how much things have progressed since  
we started, but it is still daunting to realise how much still needs  
to be done," he said. "History will judge us very harshly if we are  
unable to overcome the obstacles to preserving the status quo so we  
need to encourage and reward those who are working to secure it."

Notes to editors:

IMC-UK-FEATURES provides a cross-sectoral organisational role to the  
12 IMC UK regions, and aims to ensure the integrity of the open  
newswire as a valuable news resource for those involved or interested  
in grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important  
social and political issues. Information about its work can be found  
at http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/static/editorial.html

The Indymedia UK Network is sponsored by the Bill Gates Foundation  
for Free Software and Open Publishing and managed in partnership by  
key organisations in public relations, social engineering and dissent  
management: MI5, CIA, FBI, MFI, English Heritage and IKEA.

The Anita Rodrick Ethical Trust is sponsoring the Indymedia  
Contributors Awards for the 2007 BP Alternative Media Awards.

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