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I have unhidden these:

- Canadian Police Caught Using Agents Provocateurs At
  Various/Jordan Thornton

  It was hidden by Ben, with this reason left in admin:

    2007-08-25 08:12 ben hide


  That police have been caught using agent provocateurs at
  an international protest clearly *is* news. Of course it
  is a shame that it is not a better article and doesn't
  have the crucial photos attached but it's the second
  post on this matter hidden by Ben, this was the first:

    Genoa Police Admit Fabrication, Agents Provocateurs
    Exposed In Canada

  And I think in cases like this it's better to have an
  article about this case that isn't brilliant rather than
  have all posts about it hidden -- at least people will
  know that it's happened and perhaps someone will search
  out better coverage from other Indymedia sites and
  produce something better on it, something they couldn't
  do if all posts about it are hidden and they don't hear
  about it.

- Bush: The First Permanent President of America?
  Are they kidding?

  It was also hidden by Ben:

    ben - hidden, non news, repost
    2007-08-25 08:19 ben hide

  That a web site associated with Dick Cheney, ran an
  article advocating that the genocide and ethnic
  cleansing in Iraq should be total, Bush should order
  "his army to empty Iraq of Arabs" is news to me -- I
  hadn't previously heard a neocon advocate such a thing. 

  It is true that it's a repost, as many article on the
  site are (for example all the article the current top
  feature links to are probably also reposts) but it's a
  repost of an article that wes removed from the site it
  was originally on and also that has been deleted from
  Google's cache -- it's clearly rather embarasing for
  someone and the fact that it's had no coverage in the
  mainstream media is also telling...

- Genoa Police Guilty Of G8 Illegal Conduct

  It was hidden by Ben, with this reason:

    2007-08-25 08:12 ben hide

  It is not simply a repost from the BBC, it does have an
  introduction explaining it:

    I thought the timing of this article was rather
    poignant, given the revelations from Montebello,
    Quebec, about the police using Agents Provocateurs.
    This, coupled with the illegal roundups of protestors
    (held for the duration of similar summits, then
    released without charge), presents a pretty clear
    pattern of illegal repression on the part of police
    forces and those corrupt politicians involved in the
    process of Global Corporatization. 

  Also Genoa has been a very major story for Indymedia and
  that fact "Genoa police 'admit fabrication'" is news
  that I think many readers of the site would be
  interested in.

  I also ticked the 'Genoa' topic so it will appear here:


  I did consider unticking UK on this since it does have
  content from the BBC site but the guidelines do say that
  articles *may* be hidden "that are simply pasted
  from corporate news sites" not that they will and if it
  only appeared on the 2001 page not many people would see

- Case Pegah Emambakhsh, Italy asks Britain not to deport
  Iranian lesbian
  John Hooper in Rome - Guardian Unlimited

  This was hidden by Ben with this reason:

    2007-08-25 20:57 ben hide

  This article will be of great interest to people in
  Sheffield so I have ticked Sheffield and Other Press and
  unticked UK and unhidden it and I'll also probably
  update the feature so that it no longer says "there has
  been no coverage of her case in the mainstream media in
  the UK"...

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