[Imc-uk-features] feature proposal: Temporary Victory for DR Congo Refugees

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Sat Aug 25 07:30:46 PDT 2007

Title: Temporary Victory for DR Congo Refugees

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A High Court judge has ordered the <a href="/en/2007/08/379558.html">halt
of all deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo</a> pending a
'country guidance' hearing for the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in
September. The news was a reason for much rejoicing among DRC communities
across the country, both inside and outside detention. Campaigners said
the Home Office has, once again, missed a chance to <a
href="/en/2007/08/378571.html">get rid</a> of as many Congolese asylum
seekers as possible before the guidance appeal is determined in their
A number of Congolese detainees had <a
href="/en/2007/08/378112.html">received 'removal directions'</a> for the
30th of August. Last February, 21 children and 17 adults were <a
href="/en/2007/02/363385.html">forcibly deported</a> to DR Congo on a <a
href="/en/2007/02/362562.html">charter flight</a> operated by <a
Coordinated protests had been <a href="/en/2007/08/379171.html">called</a>
by the Congo Support Project for August 28th in Birmingham, Cardiff,
Glasgow, London, Manchester, Newcastle and <a
href="/en/2007/08/379335.html">Nottingham</a>. Meanwhile, charter airline
XL has <a href="/en/2007/08/379320.html">threatened</a> the National
Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (<a
href="http://www.ncadc.org.uk">NCADC</a>) after the latter published a <a
href="en/2007/08/377942.html">message</a> saying XL might be running the
30th August deportation flight.</p>
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deported to DR Congo</a> | <a href="/en/2007/04/368274.html">UK-wide Day
of Action Against Deportations to DR Congo


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