[Imc-uk-features] startpage proposals

mini mouse mini_mouse at riseup.net
Wed Feb 14 03:13:11 PST 2007

At 10:47 +0000 14/2/07, freethepeeps at aktivix.org wrote:
>Quoting mini mouse <mini_mouse at riseup.net>:
>>  I disagree with his opinion about Barbara, but I I can't see why he
>>  should have been prevented from stating it.
>I see it this way - a thread is started to highlight the kack-handed manner in
>which the police handle Barbara.
>Enter blip - who says that Barbara is immature and deserves.
>Enter acab who disputes that.
>blip comes back with a stronger accusation, acab refutes it and so it
>blip is clearly unable to comprehend how the interactions between barbara and
>her police adversaries develop - and we have no idea whether blip is a
>pacifist, a cop or someone building up a dossier in the CPS.

It's a shame to be helping them do that...

>The thread is no longer a news thread its a bunch of anonymous 
>posters attacking
>the original article, the activist and each other. People tuning into the
>thread don't know who is mmaking the claims, get pissed off and don't hurry

Precisely, that's why the whole comment thing gets in the way.

>>  Finally, the most legitimate reason for hiding the comments would be
>>  that they were likely to become disruptive and turn into a slanging
>>  match. That to my mind is the best reason for getting all comments -
>>  not additions or updates -  off indymedia in the first place.
>>  mm
>Yes, exactly what happens when anyone can post anonymously and with a fair
>amount on impunity.
>As to complaints of censorship, they are standard on bulletin boards, every
>troll believes that they have an absolute right to have their pearls 
>on eternal
>display before the swine.
>If they're really keen on discussing it with us, the guidelines direct them to
>this list where they will get a wider hearing and more condsidered view.
>If someone else wants to set up as bulletin board that discusses 
>indy posts that
>isn't our responsibility.

But instead of, not as well as?

>Indy Media watch has been doing it for a good while
>Indymedia was intended to redress imbalances in reporting, not to be 
>yet another
>cross on which to crucify activists.

So it would be good to see the reporting unsullied by all these 
distracting comments, no?


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