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Here is a proposed feature article for Sheffield, Leeds
Bradford, UK, Anti-Militarism and Terror War:

   4th July Independence From America protest at NSA Menwith Hill


   The Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases'
   (CAAB) annual Independence From America demonstration
   at NSA Menwith Hill was the first where protestors were
   not allowed to circumnavigate the base due to a Section
   12 order. There were two arrests, one for wearing a
   shirt with the word "fuck" on it and the second for
   arguing against the arrest. The rally at the start was
   addressed by Alan Bennett and Mark Steel and the
   marchers from Footprints for Peace [ 1 | 2 ]. A
   Declaration of Independence was read out, "we... do
   solemnly demand the return of the land, once within the
   boundaries of the ancient townships of Birstwith,
   Felliscliffe, Norwood and Menwith, now occupied by the
   United States National Security Agency and their
   military forces.". There was a heavy police presence,
   food was provided by Veggies and Yorkshire CND had a

   Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


    * Howard Zinn: Put away the flags
    * Stephen Lendman: Independence Day Hypocrisy

There is a version with links here:


I'm planning to do some more work on the read more section
-- to link to previous features on Menwith Hill protests,
what the NSA does and some articles about US Independence


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