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My principle objection as a reader is that most of the material is
utter crap! In other words, it is largely based on other material with
no real research basis. For example, all this stuff about thermite has no currency outside a tiny faction of professionals working OUTSIDE their fields. Loose Change v32 1/2 or whatever the lastest incarnation is has been largely torn to shreds.The constant assertion that al Qaeda was just invented out of thin air- this has its roots in accurate and balanced research that shows that Bin Laden has/has had significant links to the CIA. But that is just one facet of the complex history of the organisation. It may sound cool to dismiss every aspect of propaganda as "fake" but in doing so you throw the baby out with the bathwater... and some people would just love that to happen.There seems to be a whole gamut of mad theories that shy away from evidential research in favour of shouting "spook" at anyone that even casually picks them up to have a look at them!I think the source of information is of utmost importance. Many of the sites that get posted, hidden, cause shitstorms are sites that either haves dubious ties or run dubious material (holocaust denial, and climate denial) traceable right back to ulta-right-wing people like LaRouche. For someone to be saying that an autonomous site shouldn't be worried about linking to these people would be as mad as arguing that race hate should also be tolerated. Larouche, Aryan Nations and David Icke all have their own webpresence.In other words, it is plausible to argue that letting  posts from Nimmo, Rense, Alex Jones, Paul Jospeh Watson, American Free Press and some would argue Counterpunch is encouraging people to accept those sites as credible. And to flip that over, it is also plausible to moot that perhaps these people are using 9/11 & Related as a means of attracting people to their sites.Thankfully there has been a lull in the "I'm not an anti-semite, but Mossad rules the World" type posts which seem to come hand-in-hand with postings from those sites.The thing that baffles me in it all with the two most controversial topics on this site (9/11 and 7/7) is that there are very obvious and gaping holes in the official story that point quite clearly to US & UK collusion with al Qaeda (Central Asia, Africa, Balkans etc.). Not a single one of these so-called "truth sites" has tried to dig deeper into the actual nature of those ties and how they might figure in the redactions of the 9/11 Commission Report or the lack of 7/7 investigation.Instead like bored children they run off and start chasing something that 'A' doesn't make any sense whatsoever and 'B' could never be proven if it were remotely true. 'B' is probably the motivation: avoidance strategy.The fact that the US & UK (and Pakistan, Saudi etc.) have been colluding with terrorists is an awesome charge as it stands, but somehow of no interest to Truthers. Instead, "It's all fake!" What a cop out! Is it "all or nothing!" with these people???"Truth" obviously isn't interested in exposing anything. If it were, it'd start examining what we do know with a bit more zeal.As for the "9/11 is central to the War on Terror, so if we expose it, then it'll all fall apart" argument: The war in Afghanistan was in the planning for at least a year before 9/11. At the worst/best 9/11 was an excuse not a catalyst. It may have been a manufactured excuse (no remote evidence as yet), allowed to happen (needs looking at) or exploited (no investigation needed!), but this whole scenario was probably cooked up long, long ago and most likely by people with more clout than GW Bush. The event itself is of no significance compared to the fact that power structure of the States and thereby the World is completely insane. It's like arguing that clearing LH Oswald would enact any progress.
What would happen? Anyone still alive would be investigated, there'd be
a massive whitewash some minor players would die in some cushy prison
and not much else.The main problem is that psychopaths are ruling the planet unimpeded. On that basis, we have a whole wealth of evidence. In the mainstream too. The Red Cross and the UN doesn't repost Alex Jones and it doesn't link to sites about the Bavarian Illuminati or Bohemian Grove. But for Truthers the very real situation on the ground as result of what is going on is of very little interest, unless it can twisted into their Grail quest.If there is a keystone to be found in 9/11 it isn't sifting through Prisonplanet, 9/11 Scholars, JewsDidIt.com etc., it's in encouraging people with the right connections to yield more info, go after more info. If people want to change the direction things are going in, get involved with the direction. You don't catch a lost horse by hanging around the stables.If you want to get on-side with the kind of people who believe in consensus and direct democracy, don't spam their site with conspiracy crap, especially from cryptoracists and cryptofacists and attack then them for criticising it!
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