[IMC-UK-Features] could we delay our feature till Friday?

Mike D mike-d at riseup.net
Thu Jun 11 02:58:11 PDT 2009

Hi there,

Please could you write a feature for the No Pretence intervention at
the Anarchist Conference. The organisers of the Anarchist Conference
are also writing a feature. These features are currently being
discussed on the Middle Column Features list and unless anyone has
any objections there should be no reason why there cannot be two
separate features. Please post the feature to:-

imc-uk-features at lists.indymedia.org



> Sorry if this causes problems, but nopretence are releasing a new
> statement on Friday, so could we hold off on putting the feature up
> until
> then - so that the feature is more current? thanks.
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> Subject: no pretence action as feature?
> From:    nopretence at riseup.net
> Date:    Wed, June 10, 2009 2:13 am
> To:      imc-uk-features at lists.indymedia.org
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> Hello,
> Given all the discussion on indymedia that the anarcha-feminist
> intervention at the anarchist conference has generated, the fact
> that so
> many women have written to us saying how important the intervention
> was
> and the fact that the blog has generated so much interest - with
> over 2000
> hits already - we think it might be worth the action going on the
> features
> page. Would this be possible?
> The relevant newswire posts are:
> anarcha-feminist intervention
> No Pretence - the video
> No Pretence Statement
> It would also be good to include a link to the blog (although there
> is
> also a link in the 'anarcha-feminist intervention' article):
> www.nopretence.wordpress.com
> Please let us know if there is any problem with this request,
> Thanks,
> nopretence
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