[IMC-UK-Features] Tamil March Saturday 20th for Upcoming Events notice/Main Feature

ana anap at riseup.net
Thu Jun 18 16:51:38 PDT 2009


I hate to give people a hard time in public (yes, really) but I feel I
need to explain the reason for what you say:

Mark wrote:
> [...]
> (my previous request for
> you guys to do this for the 11th April march unfortunately fell on death
> ears - [...]

If you're following this list, you will realise how very few people post
proposals for the site. We are SHORT of people with the energy to do
what you're hereby requesting that we do for you.

Your requests do not fall in deaf ears, they fell on overworked people.
You saying that is rich considering the amount of times that you have
been invited to indymedia trainings in London, and which would have
enabled you to do what you are now asking us to do for you.

I know you have other projects that eat up your time and which are also
important. Probably, so do we. But you never received this kind of
treatment from me, in any of the instances where you refused to come to
the trainings that you kept asking.

So please let's treat each other with a bit of respect and not get on
our high horses where people do not do as expected. If you're not happy
with the way the site is run, please offer your help.



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