[IMC-UK-Features] Tamil March Saturday 20th for Upcoming Events notice/Main Feature

Mark mark at tlio.org.uk
Wed Jun 17 17:31:49 PDT 2009


I hereby formally request that you enter the 'March for Tamils' event this
Saturday 20th in the 'Upcoming Events UK' list/notice of forthcoming
events on the top left of the indymedia website (my previous request for
you guys to do this for the 11th April march unfortunately fell on death
ears - I hope any controversy about LTTE will be put aside now, since the
humanitarian crisis & excesses of the Sri Lankan government & army puts
completely overshadows that controversy, and especially now since the LTTE
army is no more and the new leadership have now renounced violence).

Ref to last newswire posting about the event here:

It is a national event as Tamils from all over the country are coming to
the event, as indeed would Palestinians for a Palestinian rally in London,
or anyone in the country for a Stop-the-War rally.

We are in the process of preparing this as a feature as weel for UK site,
which is why I have cc'dd this email to the Features list as well. We hope
this can be facilitated in advance of the March so that it is uploaded as
a main feature for the site by, say, Friday evening?

Also previously posted on Indymedia Uk on Monday 15th & earlier yesturday:



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