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Genny vg at genny.force9.co.uk
Wed Jan 26 06:14:20 PST 2011


I don't see that the current features up or this proposed one claim
these posts are "definitely" from the police/NETCU.

Even the SchNEWS article goes on, after talking about proof and definite
etc., to say:

"It is clear from the consistency of the usage of gateway-303 server
that the IPs are probably assigned to particular premises or else
specific units within the UK Government. One of the purposes of the GSI
network is to provide a secure proxy network behind which users can
maintain their anonymity. Hence the lack of solid information as to
exactly who is behind the postings. However, SchNEWS is gonna take a
stab in the dark (if only) as to who they are; in fact some actually
signed NETCU. Of course it could be the old double bluff, but given the
level of intelligence behind some of the postings even this level of
sophistication seems unlikely."



Jim Dog wrote:
> Hey
> There are some serious doubts being cast about the accuracy of this
> article at the moment and a fuller investigation is taking place. This
> centres around the definitive 'fact' that is being presented that these
> postings are definitely all from the police. Initial findings for example:
> The government gsi gateway is in use by over 600 organisations and 3
> million users according to their own literature
> Here are some other useful bits of information about other deeds someone
> with the IP address (gateway-303.energis.gsi.gov.uk) has
> been up to
> Anonymously updating a wiki page about an obscure species of alien on a
> star trek wiki:
> http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/User_talk:
> The page that they were editing anonymously is this one:
> http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/Species_8472
> Checking out an asian wedding photo site:
> http://asianweddingphotos.com/stats/awstats092008.asianweddingphotos.co.uk.txt
> Checking out a local company that is "an engineering company
> specialising in the application and supply of electrically operated
> linear actuators"
> http://www.actuators-electric.co.uk/awstats/awstats012009.www.actuators-elect
> ric.co.uk.txt
> Visiting the Hotel Palumbo in Italy
> http://stats.irisip.net/stats/betterawstats/index.php?site=www.hotelpalumbo.it&month=09&year=2005&action=get_fulltable&what=visitors
> and interestingly, a project to make it easier for people to claim free
> school meals recently won an award for its use of the GSi gateway
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/apr/22/public-sector-government-computing-awards-free-school-meals
> These are just a few examples from a little research done without making
> the assumption that these postings are all "definitely" from the
> police/NETCU. If the assumption was being made that there's a good
> likelihood that these postings were being made from there then I
> wouldn't have so much of a problem with it, but to claim something as
> empirical fact without any actual evidence is bad journalism and
> misleading for our readers, who probably assume we actually have some
> proof for these claims. There is just as high a probability that these
> postings were made by a private company like a PR company for the
> energy/pharma industry than they are from netcu.
> I really think everyone needs to take a deep breath and actually examine
> the evidence of all of this. had the whole process not been so
> gridlocked by those who refused to believe anything other than this is
> all absolute undeniable fact then all this could have been done BEFORE
> the feature was posted.
> As it is, we may be doing more harm than good by pushing what at present
> amounts to little more than a conspiracy theory.
> As I am aware people may be assuming I'm just interjecting for personal
> reasons (I'm not - I actually believe in good journalism and making sure
> what we publish is well researched) then maybe a non-aligned group could
> take an impartial look at the basis to this story and report back before
> publication.
> Solidarity
> JimDog
> On 26/01/11 13:13, anargeek wrote:
>> Hi
>> There is a feature on the global site:
>> - UK Police Agent Provocateurs Exposed
>>   http://www.indymedia.org/en/2011/01/945189.shtml
>> That I have reworked (basically omitting the first paragraph) for a UK
>> feature proposal, see link at the end for the HTML version.
>> All the best
>> Chris
>>   Posts from UK Government Gateways to UK Indymedia
>>   Information about postings on the UK Indymedia site from UK
>>   governmental gateways, gateway-303.energis.gsi.gov.uk and
>>   gateway-202.energis.gsi.gov.uk (which were flagged up by spam filters,
>>   using a filtering system not available on some other Indymedia sites)
>>   have been leaked by Schnews. These gateways are the main entry points
>>   between the goverment secure intranet and the internet (see link
>>   below). A full list of posts is available online. Following
>>   publication of the Schnews article, Birmingham and Sheffield IMCs both
>>   published features - one about the posts from the government gateway
>>   and one relating the suspicious posts with the recently uncovered
>>   agent provocateurs. 
>>   Articles: Three undercover political Police unmasked as infiltrators
>>   into UK Anarchist, Anti-Fascist and Climate Justice movements |
>>   Undercover police officer back in the spotlight | Guilty verdict in
>>   Ratcliffe trial | Mark Kennedy/Stone exposed as undercover cop | Full
>>   list of Gateway 303 and 202 posts to IMC UK | Advocating Domestic
>>   Extremism - Cops on Indymedia - An Exposé | State infiltration and
>>   attempted disruption of activist websites | Gateway 303: Police
>>   Disinformation on UK Indymedia
>>   UK Govt secure network explanation: Warning - this link goes to a UK
>>   govt site!
>>   Indymedia Statements: Gateway 303: Police Disinformation on UK
>>   Indymedia | IMC London Statement on the recent Schnews Article |
>>   Nottingham Indymedia statement on recent events
>>   Other Press Coverage: SchNews: INTER-NETCU | SchNews: Gateway Gate:
>>   Straight from the Pig's Mouth | Slashdot: UK Authorities Accused of
>>   Inciting Illegal Protest 
>>   https://docs.indymedia.org/Local/UkFeaturesGateway303
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