[imc-uk-moderation] Who promoted this and why?

Mick Fuzz mickfuzz at rocketmail.com
Fri Mar 14 13:42:08 PDT 2008

my 2 cents. 

I think this is a really complicated issue and one
that really merits being discussed at the next network
meeting. May 17/18th London. 

Shiar you are right Indymedia *does* come with a
legacy of certain campaigns and positions being given
precedence over others. That's how it works. The idea
is that a Collective has some kind of solidarity and
understanding about how they do that. At the moment I
think the general understanding is that we don't push
power elite analysis,(aka conspiracy theories for
those that don't like it).

 It's a complicated issue that merits some thought
about how we express ourselves  . I've got thoughts
about it that I don't feed confident expressing over
email. Personally I'd be happy if everyone took  a
chill pill on this issue as well until the May


--- Shiar <shiar at riseup.net> wrote:

> On Wed, March 12, 2008 10:48 am, Tony wrote:
> > I don't think this needs hiding as it is relevant
> to indymedia (as
> > chris was interviewed) but don't think it should
> have been promoted.
> That's not the only relevance to Indymedia. Both
> interviewees are active
> IMCers and a big chuck of the show is about
> Indymedia in general and
> Indymedia and 9/11 in particular.
> > I did listen to the radio show and apart from
> finding it tedious -
> > moaning about how no one understands them - i am
> very surprised it
> > merits promotion.
> Me, i am surprised you don't see why it does.
> Actually i am not surprised.
> > I think "Good, original analysis" is pushing it a
> > bit - basically they want more 911 truth people to
> post to indymedias
> > and want indymedias to stop hiding the posts...
> thinking as less gets
> > hidden it is because we have all come round to the
> idea that they
> > might have been right all along.
> Basically, IMO, this is a misrepresentation. There
> is a lot of 'good,
> original analysis' in the show, both about indymedia
> and the 9/11 truth
> movement. To diss it as just  "moaning" is not
> really fair.
> > I realise that this is your issue Chris, and we
> have to work with
> > that, as we are a network of individuals, but i do
> think you have to
> > see why people are pissed off at the way you are
> using the site to
> > campaign, and even encourage '911 truth people to
> post in certain
> > ways to get round our moderation. I know in your
> mind i have not read
> > enough to understand but i have seen enough to
> have made my own mind
> > up about where i stand. There are other sites for
> this - of which i
> > think you are involved - so why do you need
> Indymedia to push it.
> In the same way the climate activists, No Boorders
> and other grassroots
> groups use Indymedia to 'push their agenda'? Isn't
> that what Indymedia is
> about? Or is it ok for some leftists grassroots
> groups to do that and not
> others? I'm sure there are many people among us who
> think the Climate
> Camp, for example, are 'a bunch of hippies and
> lifestylists' (i've heard
> that many times, and is similarly reductionist and
> misrepresenting), does
> that mean they should object that the CC is using
> Indy to push their
> 'liberal' agenda? The same could be said about
> almost every other topic
> and action topic we have.
> IMHO, the issue here is that Tony and others don't
> see where some 9/11
> truth activists are coming from and what their
> broader motivations and
> struggles are (anti-imperial, anti-war, anti-state
> etc. etc.).
> Finally, if any other movement or campaign produced
> a similar show
> (talking about indymedia, promoting it and urging
> its members to
> contribute), would we have this same discussion?
> Please spare a minute to
> think why not...
> -- 
> Shiar
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