[Imc-uk-network] Re: meeting 10th october in london please make if you're coming to esf

levin at riseup.net levin at riseup.net
Fri Oct 1 07:11:54 PDT 2004


as offers of help have starting appearing from some of the other groups
involved in the camden centre events there is (yet) a(nother) wiki page:


('bar' because the first offers were for the bar, it's since extended to
bar, stewards, welcome desk/info point and childcare)

at the moment its mostly just a list of offers; please add your name (or
email me and i'll add it) if you want to help with one of these tasks.

also, poon from cambridge is looking to coordinate the bar in terms of
getting drinks, set-up etc, but would love help as although he runs a
mobile cafe, a bar is a little different - anyone want to help him?

if you have or know of someone with kids who is coming please get in touch
soon so that the collaborative childcare happens - and if you want to help
with that you don't have to have kids :-)

see you in london next weekend, or in irc on....? thursday at 8pm?

> http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/ImcUkEsfTasksRoles
> Hi people,
> to sort out some of the tasks detailed on the page above, we are calling
> for a meeting in London, on Sunday 10th of October, at 1.pm. Please make
> a note on your diaries!! the specific details of where in London it will
> be will come in a few hours or tomorrow.
> We will be talking about these and other things; read on because i 
> include what i remember from yesterday's meeting in london:
> Texts To be written:
> still need text for an indymedia leaflet.
> Materials... to produce and to sell.... we decided not to produce
> t-shirts
> Exhibition Materials / Stalls – in the process of producing leaflets and
> stickers.
> Co-ordination / Volunteer Roles – need to sort out a rota to cover pic 
> desk, video desk... will be sorted out in the Sunday 10th meeting
> hopefully!
> Creche / Childcare – talking of co-ordination with camden centre. Also 
> talking of a small space in the camden centre but it will need to be 
> self-managed by the parents and other volunteers!
> Tech set up – a few of us will work on this on Sunday 3rd, 1pm, at LARC.
> Live Streaming + Archiving the Events in Main Hall..... well, there is a
> live radio streaming planned from ramparts... i am involved in this and 
> i am asking for radio content already been produced – all in english, 
> no? Would appreciate anything you want to send me – a cd with audio, or 
> with mp3s or a url.
> TRAININGS – i am up for traiing people on linux programs (how to use 
> them, not sys admin! i.e. For very beginners, before and/or during esf.
> OTHER SPACES AND MOBILE REPORTING there are newbies who will thank some 
> legal workshops prior to esf. I'm trying to sort with legal defense and 
> monitoring group but could be great to have some more specific, for 
> media activists? I can also be a contact point with this.

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