[Imc-uk-network] propose emergency IRC network meeting

ac.thomas at ntlworld.com ac.thomas at ntlworld.com
Sun Oct 10 01:26:04 PDT 2004

Can there be a claim in an American Court for  punitive damages?
They were perfectly free to take an FTP of the site, or to ask the 
provider to take a backup copy for them.  Having them thieve the HDs in 
the UK cannot be legal in UK, they have put the UK provider at risk 
unless the provider does show that legal document they acted on.   They 
have an idiot as a legal advisor.  (the company have legal advice not to 
show the document).

Why were UKindymedia using a US company?   

The proper response to this is to make a boycott of all US products.    
To the standard the Chinese used against the Japanese back before WW2.

To start:   Anyone got an operating system that is not American?

Have fun

chip wrote:

>Yossarian said:
>>I agree 100% with chip, we need to coordinate an effective political
>>response.  This is an outrageous attack on the entirety of the UK
>>international network, we need to put something together...should be at
>>a global level given the number of collectives involved.
>i don't mean to be parochial, i think it's important to formulate
>specifically a UK response as one of the servers was hosted here.  

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