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And indymedia expands... (from NY i think) there 
was an idea once to do one of these in UK for 
schools but never got anywhere - cheers tony

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>Subject: [IMC-Print] Indy Kids meeting: Thurs, June 9
>Indy Kids: Launching meeting
>Thursday, June 9
>7:00 PM
>At: Indymedia office
>34 E. 29th Street, 2nd Floor (between Park and Madison Avenues)
>Subway: 6 to 28th Street
>Help build the next generation of progressive 
>activists and journalists.  Come to the first 
>meeting to plan the launch of a new progressive 
>current events magazine for children!  All are 
>Indy Kids
>First Meeting Draft Agenda
>Thursday, June 9, 7:00 PM
>7:10 Introductions
>Assign facilitator
>Assign note-taker
>7:20 Discuss and unite on objectives, proposal and name (see draft concept)
>7:45 Discuss minimum and maximum of what we can accomplish
>8:00 Planning: what needs to be done?:
>        1. Make a list of initial tasks
>Pre-production: Getting other people on board, 
>funding, creating a pilot issue, etc.
>Production: writing, editing, layout, photos, graphics, printing
>Post-Production: distribution
>8:25      2. Place tasks on a chronology/calendar
>8:40      3. Assign tasks
>8:50 Next steps: next meeting(s)?
>9:00 End meeting
>Indy Kids
>Concept Paper
>Draft 5.05
>Kids are exposed to an average of 8 hours and 33 
>minutes of media content daily .  How much of 
>this media is progressive?  Close to none.
>Existing children’s magazines such as National 
>Geographic Kids and Kid City of the Sesame 
>Workshop include ads for cereal, gum and movies. 
>The better publications such as New Moon and 
>Footsteps Magazine encourage self-esteem in 
>girls and knowledge of African American heritage 
>respectively.  But there is no current events 
>media, that we know of, for a children’s 
>audience except for Time for Kids (TFK).
>TFK is a weekly 4-8 page magazine distributed 
>primarily through schools.  Three different 
>editions are published reaching children Grades 
>K-1, Grades 2-3, and Grades 4-6.  The 
>circulation is 4,000,500.  The magazine trains 
>children early on to eventually be consumers of 
>Time Magazine.  It teaches middle to right 
>values such as: the US is a great democracy 
>where you can choose among the Democrats or the 
>Republicans, and Bush is spreading democracy 
>around the world.
>How are parents to talk to their children about 
>September 11?  The situation in Iraq?  How about 
>the Lynne Stewart case?  A progressive current 
>events magazine for children is needed to help 
>form the next generation of activists and 
>progressive thinkers.
>1. Educate children readers on facts on current news and world events;
>2. Inspire in children a passion for justice and learning;
>3. Help parents and teachers help their children 
>and students interpret world events from a 
>pro-people perspective in a way that they can 
>understand and that is not boring.
>Design a progressive current events magazine 
>geared toward children Grades 3-6 (ages 8-11). 
>The magazine could:
>· Be produced regularly, monthly initially (?)
>· Be produced by adults and later on, if there 
>is capacity, train and involve kids
>· Be short (4-8 pages)
>· Take existing Indymedia articles and edit them 
>to be suitable for a younger audience
>· Be glossy and in color (ideally, or work up to this)
>· Have lots of photographs and graphics
>· Have a column about children in other countries
>· Have some games and puzzles
>· Be an insert in The Indypendent
>· Find a readership through progressive teachers 
>and parents.  School libraries could subscribe 
>or teachers could distribute the publication to 
>their students
>As the project develops, the magazine could:
>· Develop a teachers’ guide to accompany the magazine
>· Train kid reporters and writers
>· Develop a website
>· Be developed for readers outside of New York City
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