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ekes wrote:
> I have to admit I am a bit saddened by all this process. I was hoping
> someone else from York would have chipped in - but I am not in the
> slightest surprised that they haven't.
> What I would expect from the United Kollectives is a "Hello! Wow! You
> want to make a collective... how can we help". What I don't expect is a
> load of "we best be careful here" without any suggestion of how to do
> it. That's negative and it's putting process over purpose.

hmmm... i think it depends on what you think indymedia is about. a lot of people
seem to think it is about creating media independently; i don't. i think it's
about creating the sort of society we want to live in - one where people are
able to take initiative, where there is equality, etc.

i guess that also means the shouting out "how can we help?" bit as well - but i
think that indymedia is, in general, already too overstretched to really be
doing that: i know i've done it many times over the past few years, and i can
think of almost as many people that i've disappointed.

overall, i think we should be focussing on sustainability, not expansion - and
if new people want to expand, great!

> If GDM thinks creating a york.indymedia.org.uk domain is a bad idea
> we'll buy yorkindymedia.org.uk (a few quid and one less period) and we
> can do it the unsupported new-imc way that you suggested. But I kind of
> figured that we had a wealth of experience and support out here in the
> United Kollectives and it was daft to do it alone, but better with the
> network.

i'll repeat: no, i don't think it's a bad idea, i wanted to see some discussion
about _how_ we do things and _how_ we can learn from past experiences without
repeating the mistakes that have gone before. i think we're doing that (having
the discussion is an important step).

i'll finish there as i've not really got any time. hope you keep the period ;-)
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love and solidarity,



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