[Imc-uk-network] Fwd: indymedia UK network meeting

Ben ben at riseup.net
Sun Nov 5 14:23:48 PST 2006

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> From: <arclightfire at hushmail.com>
> Date: November 5, 2006 8:43:28 PM BST
> To: <ben at riseup.net>
> Cc: <imc-bristol at lists.indymedia.org>
> Subject: re: indymedia UK network meeting
> Hi ben,
> I was not able to make the UK network meeting, but we'd be
> interested in knowing how it went?
> Plus, there is a basic document here on the wiki that talks about
> possible directions for Bristol Indymedia, and I would assume is of
> interest to other IMCs - could you pass it no for feedback?  Cheers.
> This link is: https://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/BimcFuture
> Thanks!

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