[Imc-uk-network] [www-features] Athens Indymedia Under Imminent Threat

Tony tony at cactusnetwork.org.uk
Fri Nov 17 16:32:12 PST 2006

Hello LA

I guess they didnt take down the site - (not that i can read the 
Athens front page) but it would make a good feature... I see you have 
written a post about the events so far - together with the threat - 
it would make a good feature

cheers tony

At 04:23 +0000 16/11/06, LA wrote:
>(I forward this email on behalf of the IMC people in Athens, who would
>like to have the Indymedia people informed of what's up. Sorry if this
>has nothing to do with the UK network, but I think such issues should be
>known around )
>To our comrades in the Global Indymedia Network:
>According to well informed sources, Police officers have requested that
>the Athens Indymedia Server is immediately disconnected from the
>computer network where it is currently hosted. The Police want Athens
>Indymedia to go offline immediately, in the face of the anniversary of
>the 1973 student uprising against the military junta, to be commemorated
>this coming Friday.
>November 17th is annually commemorated with militant demonstrations and
>participants often find refuge in university grounds, which are
>protected by asylum under the country's constitution. It is widely
>speculated that this year the police will attempt to break the asylum
>and enter the university grounds - hence their efforts to get athens
>indymedia offline beforehand.
>This is a message to inform the Global Indymedia Network about our
>current situation; please be alert as Athens Indymedia might be in
>trouble very soon. This also means that our website might be down for an
>unknown (hopefully short) period of time. In any case you can reach us
>at imc-athens-editorial at lists.indymedia.org
>We will keep you posted.
>In Solidarity & Struggle,
>The Athens IMC Collective
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