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Mick Fuzz mickfuzz at rocketmail.com
Mon Apr 16 06:21:46 PDT 2007

Hi social centres and indymedia people,

I'm doing a Multi-media Festival in Manchester at the
basement social centre and I would like to invite you
all to come! Or maybe invite me to yours after the

I'm really pushing the Forum Theatre training in
London for activists which is June 9th or May 26th 
depending on when people can make it.    
Details on forum theatre ..

Mutant Media Festival in Manchester...
24th - 11th May

More info http://mutantmedia.org.uk

The Mutant Media Festival features...

* An exhibition of Freak Culture and Mutant Media from
around the world 

* Freaky shows with films, performers, and ranters
communicating their strange ideas 

* Media Activist / Low cost Audio/ Video training 

* Shopping interventions, Live Radio and TV Recordings
and issue-based Forum Theatre


Mutant Media Forum Theatre

Timescale Summer 2007  -Training date June 9th or May
26th London - Dates depending on your availability


The Mutant Media Freak Show is a banner name to cover
a wide series of vaguely related activities happening
in 2007. The themes for Mutant Media Freak Show events
are Underground media, Anti-nuclear art  activism, and
pro-change “Mutate and Survive” ideas and Freak
culture in general.

There is an emerging upsurge of performance based
art-activism. Let's get even better at doing this so
we can communicate to as wide an audience as possible.
We want to put together training and a few pilot shows
using forum theatre techniques. This will involve
events like, Big Green Gathering and Climate Camp.
After these summer activities some people involved
would like to take the show into radical social

Theme 1 – Sustainable Energy and Nuclear as a answer?

We face energy problems shared by our entire society.
We all have an interest in talking about it seriously
and sorting it out. However we seem to be unable to
break the silence and move beyond reading depressing
articles in the newspapers. A good example is climate
change. We need to avoid the situation where people
change their views from “There's no conclusive proof
it's happening.” to “It looks like we are too late to
do anything about it.” 

Theme 2  - Mainstream Media and Climate Change

Is mainstream media the best way of communicating the
problems and possible solutions we face. How will
mainstream media deal with the energy crisis? Are
there alternatives?  

Forum Theatre Techniques

Pete and Becky from group Theatre Active will be
co-ordinating the training. Theatre Active have been
delivering Forum theatre in schools for over 10 years.

One good way of breaking inertia f	aced when dealing
with big problems is to start having conversations in
bigger groups. Forum Theatre is one way of doing this.
The model we propose to use this summer is based on
the work of Augusto Boal. 

The model is thus. Four actors act out a short theatre
piece in front of an audience. After the action stops
a facilitator steps  in and the audience is broken up
into 4 groups, each group is assigned a character. The
actors then spend some time with their group and share
background information and their objectives. They then
ask their  group now known as their “Brain” how they
should proceed, the actors cannot make up a single
thing they will only do and say what their group now
tell them to, always referring back to their
objectives as the main aim is for the audience to help
get their character what it is they want. Then the
action starts again. The actors go back with their new
scripts and the piece of theatre continues . The
action can be stopped at any time by the actors or any
audience member by calling 'Time Out' once the action
stops all the actors return to their brains and top up
their script or change their script in response to the
other characters speeches. This continues for a while
until the Facilitator instructs the actors to move one
brain to the right during the 60-90 minute performance
each character will visit each group giving the
audience the opportunity to stand in the shoes of 4
very different characters with very different

Forum Theatre is an invaluable tool for activists to
explore emotive issues with large groups without being
seen to be preaching or imposing ideologies. 

Please get in contact if you are interested in this
project and the training by sending an email to
mickfuzz @ rocketmail .com or giving me a call 07913
882 193

http://www.ourvideo.org   >> video help web resources
http://www.clearerchannel.org   << video show case for screening

phone: 07913 882193 + 0161 237 1832   
email :mick at undercurrents.org 
post: c/o CAN, GreenFish, 46-50 Oldham Street Manchester M4 1LE

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