[Imc-uk-network] Schedule of SchNEWS Alternative Media Gathering 2007

maqui maqui at syndicate.org.uk
Wed Apr 25 09:56:07 PDT 2007


As you all probably know SchNEWS  is organising a 'M For Media Malarkey 
- the SchNEWS Alternative Media Gathering 2007'. This takes place the 
weekend of 11 - 13 of May, at the Cowley Club.

They have now published the schedule for the weekend as 'it stands 
now', so i just wanted to point peeps in imc-uk to it, as there are 
some sessions dedicated to indymedia, and the others are mostly 
relevant to it anyway. The most directly related IMC ones will take 
place on saturday afternoon from 4 to 6pm approximately.

See it for yourself here:


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