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From: "blue.pi" <blue.pi at so36.net>
To: imc-process at lists.indymedia.org,

Dear imc process working group,

we like to inform you that imc Beirut is going into "sleeping mode": We
have already arranged to freeze the website. There will still be the main
mailing list, all other beirut lists will be disabled.

The reasons are: The group does not exist as a group anymore. There
haven't been proper meetings since almost a year and no other collective
activity (except personal). Individuals have tried over a period of several
months to revive the group, but didn't succeed for which we see structural
and personal reasons. We don't see a point in individuals maintaining the
website if the group is dead - this would also contradict indymedia

We would still like to keep the main mailing list because there are people
in Beirut known to us who are interested in the project, but don't have
the capacity right now to take over. We don't think that these friends
should have to go through a new process once they decide to enable the
website again.

We would like to help any new or old volunteers who step in to shoulder some
of the work in order to renew/refresh our operations, by training, guiding
and sharing the imc-beirut facilities to maintain continuity with the
existing (and previous) imc-beirut formation instead of the group having to
start all over entirely from zero again.

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please read our latest
discussion before - many points might already be answered:


solidarity from
the rest of imc beirut
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