[Imc-uk-network] Climate Camp 2007

Genny vg at genny.force9.co.uk
Mon Mar 5 08:15:32 PST 2007


I'd be up for helping with this at climate camp... depending on where it 
is and whether I'm likely to be any help as a non-techie person.  I 
could certainly help people with the publish process, photo shrinkage 
and stuff, and with writing to editorial guidelines etc.

I also think it would be a really good idea to organise "intro to 
indymedia" type workshops at other places this summer to encourage 
people to join their local indymedia kollective or set up their own, or 
at least post their news to the newswire.  This was discussed briefly at 
the last network meeting but not sure if anyone's following it up.

The Green Gathering might be a good place to run workshops like this, 
and there should already be computers there if we don't want a dedicated 
indymedia set-up.  And Earth First! although I can't get there this year 



lordrich wrote:
> Hi,
> The Climate Camp people are asking about Indymedia's plans for this
> year's climate camp.  I realise it's some time off yet, and we don't
> know where it is, but in theory are we planning to run another field
> IMC?
> Climate Camp this year will be from the 14th to 21st August, and the
> next organising meeting is taking place in Bristol on March 17th/18th.
> I don't know I'll have much time to help with the setup myself, but
> would certainly be able to help with running the Indymedia Centre and
> can probably help with liasing with the Climate Camp "organisers".

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