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maqui maqui at syndicate.org.uk
Tue Mar 6 13:44:56 PST 2007


Yeah time flies, doesn't it?  A climate camp "organiser" mentioned a 
few weeks back that it would be great if this time there was some 
better report between 'them' and Indymedia during the build up and 
organising of this summer's camp.

Last year the indy set up was put together quite autonomously from the 
bigger thing, so although in my opinion it ended up functioning quite 
well, there was still quite a few opportunities that were missed, both 
in terms of indy having more presence in the program of events and 
workshops, as well as, about campers not fully perceiving the field 
indy media centre as an integral part of the self organised 
infrastructure of the camp [1].

It would definitely be better if this time indy organised some 
workshops, both technical and maybe also some more politico/conceptual 
ones (autonomous media as an integral part of the movements, diy media 
as (direct)action, networking with other grass roots media in the uk 
... whatever) It could probably also be a good opportunity for 
different Kollectives to organise local indy dos in their barrios so to 
try to open local-imcs to local crews.

I think it is great if lordrich could be a sort of liaison between 'the 
camp' and imc. I personally don't have much time now, and I am afraid 
that I could well be out of the country when this summer's camp goes 
on, but for now i'm just throwing some ideas and see what's the 
network's energy for this year's camp. In any case mickfuzz's mail 
saying that the lot that provided last years hardware is up for it 
again is a great start imho!


[1] More on this here: 

On Monday, March 5, 2007, at 01:23  pm, lordrich wrote:

> Hi,
> The Climate Camp people are asking about Indymedia's plans for this
> year's climate camp.  I realise it's some time off yet, and we don't
> know where it is, but in theory are we planning to run another field
> IMC?
> Climate Camp this year will be from the 14th to 21st August, and the
> next organising meeting is taking place in Bristol on March 17th/18th.
> I don't know I'll have much time to help with the setup myself, but
> would certainly be able to help with running the Indymedia Centre and
> can probably help with liasing with the Climate Camp "organisers".
> -- 
> Rich
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