[Imc-uk-network] PROPOSAL: network meeting decision time

Anarcho Babe anarchobabe at fempages.org
Thu May 8 07:01:47 PDT 2008

Yes, I agree, that if people can not attend we just need to trust others to 
make good decisions. Or if people strongly disagree or have a strong stake in 
particular issues or projects then it might make sense not to discuss these 
at the meeting for example the new frontpage if the person implementing 
it/leading the project is not able to come, it wouldn't make sense to discuss 
it then in details. (it looks good 

Otherwise we can all see hopefully the minutes of the meeting afterwards and 
if we have some more enlightening facts then there has usually always been 
some time to discuss these issues more on email or irc or so. 

And if people would really make bad decisions there is usually always time and 
space afterwards to rectify these before or even after implementation. 
Or maybe we would even need to see decisions we personally feel would be of 
disadvantage realised just to if just to give people some experience. 

Like I remember that I was once upon a time very aggressively persueing a 
German wire, with open publishing a click away. Turns out a few years later 
we decided on a promoted newswire, which addresses the same problem but is a 
different solution.

So, don't worry about it. Just read the minutes of the meeting and if you 
disagree strongly with a decision  then lets take it from there afterwards.

cheerio Ulla

On Wednesday 07 May 2008 23:46, ana wrote:
> >>> not that familiar with the debates) still takecrucial decisions? I'm
> >>>
> >>> sorry but it doesn't make any sense to me.
> Mick Fuzz wrote:
> > What about the aspect of a network meeting being
> > totally neutralised because some people are absent.
> > That doesn't make sense to me either.
> thanks for this mick - and thank you all who have expressed support in
> public and in private for the proposal from london.
> No, it doesn't make sense to propose and agree a meeting with a few
> months in advance, then a few weeks before to declare that because I and
> other key people can not attend it, it has no legitimacy.
> Apologies for the london people who have already read this on our list -
> when you do not attend a meeting, in a way, you are delegating your
> decision making power to the people who do make it there. It is a pity
> that we are not equal in the abilities to travel, to put time , thought,
> energy ... to this project ... but this project (and many others i'd
> think) can only survive thanks to the trust that people who are not able
> to put as much energy have in the people who are.
> If you can't manage to give your time , your work ... but you are trying
> at the same time to manage other's time and work, you are not working in
> the spirit of consensus either, I feel like being managed by some one
> who claims to have more authority, more power than the rest of us. It
> doesn't feel fair.
> Having said that - I'm sure that, as maqui has said, the meeting will
> not make decisions that will go against already expressed opinions. I'm
> sure even if it did, those decisions would be promptly blocked - which
> in my opinion is a petty weapon that has done much harm not just to the
> uk network but to the global one as well, but that could be probably a
> discussion to be had during the network meeting if at all - agenda has
> not been set up yet, ideas welcome, maqui has been calling for
> collaboration for weeks if not months, and the wiki stays as he left it ...
> Finally - from what maqui says it could be interpreted that we may still
> cancel it. We're going ahead for at least the Saturday, with a
> possibility to continue on Sunday if people want, but mainly Saturday.
> Food is being arranged for that day but it will need to be more organic
> on sunday - there is a group serving food in an open space in South
> London every Sunday and that could be one possibility. And the place
> will be finally the rampart that we have all known for 4 years now.
> ana
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