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mark mark at aktivix.org
Sat Mar 14 07:48:52 PDT 2009

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Hi Ben, Hi everyone.

On Friday March 6th I created a filter to hide all posts and comments by
underclassrising.net because I'd already hidden 2 posts by the same
author including incitements to murder (see discussion here
https://we.riseup.net/imc-uk/incitement and here
Since then I've found another instance of the same author posting the
same comment and hidden that too. I put a note in the back-end message
board so other moderators could see what I'd done.

That was before Ben wrote this
 which provides further arguments for why this user should be banned. I
agree with Ben's arguments in that post.

Yesterday, Chris switched off the auto-hide on the filter I'd set up. So
the situation is that we have at least two active contributors to this
project (Ben and I) who want this user banned, and one person (Chris)
who disagrees, changes the filter and (according to Ben) blocks
discussion of it on the list.

It seems that there is a serious problem with the way that power is
being used here. I'd like to know what Chris and the rest of us think we
should do about that.


ben gringo wrote:
> Below is a starting point for the feature on political policing. I'll
> not be finishing it as I have decided to quit doing any IMC UK work.
> All my emails to the open lists are currently being pre-moderated and at
> least twice now I've had my emails rejected. One was my response to the
> proposal to filter posts about SHAC. Fortunately others  spoke up within
> 24 hour deadline but my opinion was never heard.
> The most recent incident was a post to imc-uk-moderation in which I
> asked for debate into applying a filter to a know persistent disruptive
> user from Sheffield. Instead of passing that email through to the list I
> received an email back from Chris stating "This "debate" isn't going
> anywhere..., Mozaz isn't going to be banned."
> I'm disgusted that Chris should weld his veto in defense of his
> acquaintance before the rest of the network even get to discuss the
> issue. This kind of abuse of power makes me sick and is part of a
> pattern of abuse I've seen recently which makes me embarrassed to be
> involved in IMC UK. Over the last few weeks I've heard loads of
> complaints from users and have found it hard to defend what has been
> going on. This latest incident is just the last straw and while Chris
> exerts such a strangle hold over power within national processes I see
> no point in continuing to waste my time and efforts doing IMC UK related
> work.
> Ben
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