[Imc-uk-network] New aggregated UK Site

mark at aktivix.org mark at aktivix.org
Fri Oct 16 06:06:41 PDT 2009

Quoting theinnercityhippy at riseup.net:
> Oh by the way, it seemed sensible to me to include our neighbours in eire
> in this and aggregate their news as uk and ireland indy. This is easily
> done as it is an aggregation site and opens us up to great news of things
> like the shell to sea campaign which is cross border. What do others think
> about this?

I think that it's an excellent way to enact a critique of nationalism;  
to define the area of IMCs to be aggregated by geography rather than  
nation-state. That would mean a name change, presumably to 'British  
Isles Indymedia' or 'UK & Eire' or something of the sort.


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