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theinnercityhippy at riseup.net theinnercityhippy at riseup.net
Fri Oct 16 14:31:38 PDT 2009

which unfortunately doesn't solve the problem that the indy uk site needs
to be taken away from the exclusive control of the mir admins and belong
to everyone and noone as is the anarchist way of doing things. The easiest
way to do this is a fully automated aggregation system, hosted on a server
that requires very little maintenance and leaves all decisions as to
comments, moderation, content up to the collectives providing the
originating site rather than a central group of mir admins outside of a
collective process.

Using mir in this way would not solve the problem of mistrust and acrimony
currently present in my opinion. Also, if it is that easy to do why has it
not been done in the 2 years since this was agreed? Who stands to benefit
from maintaining things as they are.

I would support a system that once running requires no human intervention
as it is simply pulling in data from the independent sites rather than
hosting and storing it (why duplicate content?), therefore no petty
arguments such are currentty underway or the temptation for some with more
access than others to take a unilateral decision to log details that
others in the uk may not want to, and that is extendible in an open
manner. I will still push ahead with getting the drupal site up and
running as if nothing else the opml feeds it produces are easily
integrated into hyperactive and oscailt and it leaves the choice of
content a user wants to see up to them.

In solidarity


> Hi
> On Fri 16-Oct-2009 at 11:37:19AM +0100, gringo ben wrote:
>> It's great that somebody has started some work on this
>> although I'm not convinced drupal is the way to go
>> rather than something more intigrated with indymedia
>> sites around the uk, like either mir or preferable,
>> hyperactive.
> I think the easiest thing would be to do it using Mir,
> indymedia.us already imports article into a Mir data base
> via RSS feeds so it should just be a matter of reusing and
> adapting that code. Zapata has said he can help with the
> producers.xml side of things and I'll try to find time to
> do the templates / ssi side of things.
> Chris
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