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phunkee phunkee at aktivix.org
Sat Oct 17 05:25:38 PDT 2009

phunkee wrote:
> freethepeeps at riseup.net wrote:
>> Who's this we you're talking about? You're supposed to be the author of
>> the malicious post that JimDog unhid - and now the 2 of you are cracking
>> on with saving us from oblivion.
> Right, my patience is starting to wear a bit thin. It's been difficult 
> keeping up with all the shenanigans on all these lists, and I think we 
> deserve some answers. So I'm gonna be direct and ask:
> Ben, did you write:
> Indymedia UK, the rise of the independents
> http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2009/06/433051.html?c=all
> Then at Glastonbury this summer, whilst doing outreach for indymedia uk 
> and northern imc, jimdog claims this article was "posted by a highly 
> active and respected member of the global Indymedia community, Ben 
> himself".
> http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-uk-moderation/2009-June/0624-c8.html
> Jimdog, didn't it occur to you when you read the article, that this was 
> clearly a malicious attack on the integrity of imcuk? Why did you also 
> apparently endorse the article with a comment?
> http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2009/06/433051.html?c=all
> Keep it brief and to the point, specially you jimdog ;)
So, guess what, you haven't responded to a couple of simple direct 
questions. All we've had back so far is another series of verbose, 
obfuscatory replies loaded with even more smears and unsubstantiated 

For me at least it's now very clear where you're both coming from.

Ben who rightly lost his admin rights some time ago, will neither 
confirm or deny that he was responsible for a post that maliciously 
attacked the integrity of imcuk, whilst jimdog apparently supports the 
content of the article and thinks he can just continue to evade the issue.

Both of you are projecting the role of a concerned troll onto our 
collective and our processes. This has been divisive and exhausting. 
Both of you have also been effectively aping the rhetoric of prolific 
trolls on the newswire who want to discredit imcuk.

This represents a serious conflict of interests for us as a collective, 
and I don't think we should tolerate this any longer. And I'm really 
concerned that someone like you Jimdog has been doing 'outreach' on our 
behalf this summer. After all this bullshit, I'm not prepared to trust 
you to represent us either accurately or constructively.


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