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The following document was producted during and after an Italy Indimedia 

The proposals in this doc would be only a draft for a next discussion 
about it, its editing, its growing up and further implementation

I think and wish that there is an amplified need to update Indymedia 
network, as showed by existing pages

( https://docs.indymedia.org/Global/IndymediaAlternatives ) and survey 
for global meeting ( http://survey.indymedia.org/ )

I also think we can work altogether in a good way of global 
collaborative working, as explained at the bottom of this doc.



     A great amount of local nodes soffer of a decrease of energies and
     often they cannot continue their work.


     There are a lot of mediactivists in the world and they need an
     even better way to communicate and to "become their media"


     We have to think a better way to make a network of the
     mediactivists and valorize their information.


     New activist groups don't know indymedia network and its
     instruments, so there aren't new energies in indymedia local groups



*Indymedia rebuilding*

>From now on, we're going to use the term ITEM for referring to text, 
audio and video (recordings and streaming)

Indymedia has to reconsider the modality to display, organize and 
interconnect items.

*Relational maps*


     To display items with an intelligent way, intercorrelating similar
     and complementar items

Eg. clickin' on an item, "magically" other items appear around it with 
related news, videos, podcast and/or streaming

The correlation is possible by using even efficient metadata (tag and/or 
other criteria)

For a graphical example and a first step of implementation see:


You can also see a Cisco project



     Using relational maps and metadata, indymedia engine could also
     connect "old" items that can complete and integrate information
     searched by users, providing more complete information and
     avoiding to waste existing resources (item)



     Users have to be able to choose their own information flow.

Actually, standard way is the site to choose news and items to display, 
giving a limited possibility of interaction to users, only with 
hyperlinks, rss feeds and so on.


     Through the new system, user should have a global and clean vision
     of the news (e.g last news) and he could make his own multimedial
     path among the item stored on indymedia (or other web pages)

     E.g. Click on today's news =>> related items appear =>> click on
     one of this items =>> other items appear and some of the previous
     disappear. Then user can go back and display previous items.

     Besides users could save and share their own relational map,
     created during exploration of the item.



*Aggregation and blogs*


     Better aggregation of good blogs and information sites.


     Give the ability to open a blog on indymedia (with some filtering,
     e.g. only information blog. Managed directly by local node)

Indymedia blogs could be a constant and good information flow for 
indymedia itself, publishing best posts on local indymedia page 
(automatically and/or with the management of local group)

This way could be an advantage for the information stored on a "so far" 
blog and for indymedia itself.

*Other Services*

Audio/video streaming

Distribuited palimsest management for indypendent radio and TV

Quick news update (via sms, mms)


*Friendly server*

A lot of friendly servers offer some services and these could be 
integrate in indymedia network to offer various and better services.


This project needs money, but it could bring money offering its services 
and aggregating people around it.

I think there are a lot of money around us and there are a lot of 
mediactivist groups that would fund a good information project, that 
would be the first step to bring democracy and justice all over the world.

I don't explain moreover this point.

*Global shared work*

This little revolution of indymedia network involves every local node of 
indymedia itself, because then the entire network could change its engine.

I think there are a lot of skilled people inside and outside indymedia 
local groups: if we manage to share the entire work in some functional 
blocks, people who wants to work at this project, could manage only some 
pieces of the entire project, with obvious advantages in terms of 
spending time.

*Destroy it, rebuild it, enhance it!!*

*Become your media*

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