[Imc-uk-network] Binghamton IMC imc-process DEADLINE 28 FEB 2010

cactus at aktivix.org cactus at aktivix.org
Thu Feb 25 10:28:00 PST 2010

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Dear IMC-community,

we do not agree with the application of the media activists from Binhampton
the way it looks like right now. We are very much interested in the opinion of
other IMCs concerning this subject and we hope to get feedback.

Our reasons:

1.) Language

The application form is submitted in English only. But the international lists
are multilingual and should stay this way. English is the dominant language
anyway and in order not to reinforce this it shouldn't be the only language.

2.) OpenPosting

We do not agree with the understandig of open posting as we interpret it
reading the application form of the media activists from Binghampton. We
acknowledge that hate or troll authors can hurt open posting sites but this
should not bring us to give up the possibility of anonymous posting.

The effort that needs to be put into hiding articles is the dark side of open
posting but we think it must be accepted. Being able to post anonymously is
essential for free speech.

We strongly believe that it should be possible to post anonymously on all
Indymedia websites without prior registration. We propose that existing
Indymedia websites change their practice if a registration is necessary at the

3.) IP-Logging

It is unacceptable for us that IP addresses are logged by any Indymedia
website. We appreciate that the media activists from Binghampton generally do
no want to log IP addresses. But the website should not call itself Indymedia
until the logging of IP addresses is turned off.

We know that this is done by existing Indymedia websites and we don't agree
with this behaviour. We propose a general rule that no IMC may log IP adresses
(not even temporarily) neither on the server nor by the CMS. Already too long
do users of some IMCs imagine themselves safe from IP logging.

It is necessary to preserve anonymity of authors to impede the persecution of
critical opinions. For this it is essential that postings cannot be tracked
down to an internet access point. Even the temporary logging of IP addresses
is a severe problem for anonomyity as at least system administrators but
sometimes even all moderators can monitor the IP addresses of all authors.

One argument used for (temporary) IP logging is the battle against spam. But
other methods like captchas can be used that compromise anonymity much less
and help to diminish spam nearly completely. Indymedia linksunten for example
had a serious spam problem which we solved without IP logging.

We hope you understand that we wish to continue the discussion about the
integration of the media activists from Binghampton. We merely try to clarify
the conditions under which they can be integrated into the worldwide network
of independent media centres.

IMC linksunten (South-West Germany)

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