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Thu Feb 25 10:29:13 PST 2010

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Dear friends of the global indymedia network.

Indymedia.be has been part of the indymedia network since may 2000.
After almost 10 years of work we feel it is time to move to a new project.
This was not an easy decision as most of us have put a lot of energy  
in building indymedia.be.
Still we felt it was time to move forward.

We started a proces about one year ago.
Indymedia.be has become a great community of + 150 media-actvistists  
and a website with 100.000 different readers every month.  Still wee  
feel that indymedia.be is no longer the right answer to mainstream  
In 10 years of work we met and worked with a lot of people.  With some  
of people things went wrong, for all kinds of reasons.  A lot of other  
people became allies and friends with whom we move forward.
In march 2009 we started brainstorms, debates, discussions,... with a  
lot of the people we met and worked with the last 10 years and out of  
that came a new media project.

We feel that Belgium needs a real digital daily with quality news that  
gives voice to the social movements in Belgium.
We were able to put some money aside the last couple of years witch we  
used to build a new website.
The aim is to build a news website that has Youtube, flickr, facebook  
& flickr features that can also easily be connected to all those  
different website, networks,...
The website is build in drupal and as always  everybody who wants to  
use the code will be able to use for its own purpose.
There will be a place where people can discuss proposals, ideas,....  
to ad features to the website and technology.
So you are welcome to propose ideas,... and of-course the use the  
software once it is ready.

We will also work with people from other Belgian media projects to  
create a new media project.
This is why the project will no longer be called indymedia.be.
It will be a new media project and we (indymedia.be) will dissolve in  
that project.

For all kinds of different reasons we can only announce the name and  
website of the new project on 26.02.2009
That evening we have a big party in Gent (Vooruit) to celebrate the  
new media project.
You can check the program on www.onsnieuws.be

# This means we are leaving the indymedia network as indymedia.be will  
stop existing on 01.03.2010
# Together with AMSAB we will try to create a archive of 10 years  
indymedia.be work and website.  That archive will be available on  


                         han, one of indymedia.be

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