[Imc-uk-network] FW: Open process

behindthemask at riseup.net behindthemask at riseup.net
Sat May 1 02:26:29 PDT 2010


> On Sat 01-May-2010 at 01:38:48AM +0100, Mara wrote:
>> A clarification from your side, showing support for and
>> commitment to the decision made at the meeting in
>> Bristol might help a lot towards calming the waves.
> Implementing what was agreed years ago -- enabling the Mir
> site to pull in RSS feeds from the other sites -- was not
> done with the intention of undermining the working group.
> In fact I have been helping with the working groups wiki
> pages, eg:
> - https://docs.indymedia.org/Local/UkIndymediaFrontPageSpec

I'd like to back up Chris on this. It seems although he's damned if he
does and damned if he doesn't regarding the frontpage. I think the pulling
in of feeds on the frontpage has been a great step forward (in particular,
it's been good to see Bristol and Scotland news getting much more
prominence on the UK page - London has always been fairly well
represented). I think it's a great shame that Northern's material has
dropped off the radar again.

I think it should now be clear that Chris is committed to involving
himself in the working group and that that working group is where possible
long-term solutions are going to emerge.

In the meantime, lets enjoy the much improved UK startpage.


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