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anargeek chris at anargeek.net
Sun May 2 09:32:58 PDT 2010


On Sat 01-May-2010 at 09:32:12PM +0200, ana wrote:
> London IMC wants the following:
> 1. that the aggregator is developed _only_ on the development site
>    that you now have

I have made it clear why it was added to the live site -- there was no
alternative at the time and I was under the impression that people
*wanted* the site to pull in RSS feeds and that there had been a
consensus to implement this for *years*:

 - http://lists.indymedia.org/pipermail/imc-uk-network/2010-April/0428-jh.html

It would help if people could think about these questions that have been
raised regarding the templates -- I'm not clear what the consensus is on
these matters:

- Linking to source article or local copy: Do we want to have the main
  link on the UK front page to go direct to the article on the site it
  was first published on? If we do that do we also want a small link to
  the copy of the article on the UK site? Or is what we have now OK,
  with the main link to the local copy of the article? 

- Comments on RSS pulled articles: Do we want a "Submit an addition or
  make a quick comment on this article" link on RSS pulled articles?
  Should RSS pulled article be treated differently from other content
  regarding users ability to post comments and admins ability to promote
  comments to become additions? 

> 2. that the MIR site is reverted to the pre-aggregator state
>    _immediately_ (or as soon as possible)

I appreciate that London and Northern are developing terms and
conditions for the use of their RSS feeds to ensure that other sites
don't use them in ways they find unacceptable but Scotland and Bristol
appear, so far, to be happy to see their article on the UK site -- why
should they be removed?

> 3. that feeds from London are removed from the MIR site in the
>    meantime


Is it a bit ironic that 10 years since the start of Indymedia and 11
years since RSS was developed:

- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS

That we have the Northern and London sites pulling RSS feeds from the UK
site but disallowing the UK site to pull RSS feeds from their sites,
just at a time, Mayday, when there is a lot of content that it's good to
share... This doesn't seem to me to be in the spirit of either RSS or



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