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Mara mara at aktivix.org
Fri May 14 02:16:13 PDT 2010

Hi there,

a quick explanation on why I personally don't like to see the london
content on the Mir site: if you compare the same article on the uk site:


with the way it looks on the london site:


The difference in the presentation is pretty obvious. If the article is
displayed on the uk site people are less likely to click through to the
original. But if people put a lot of work into their articles and it
ends up being displayed like that, it's a bit sad really.

Now again, me personally, I'm not fundamentally opposed to pulling
content. That same article got pulled into the iCop15 site:


This kind of presentation I wouldn't have a problem with. (Except
wanting to change the "see original" to "read full story" or something
like that, as it doesn't pull the full article).

On 02/05/2010 17:32, anargeek wrote:
>> That we have the Northern and London sites pulling RSS feeds from the UK
>> site but disallowing the UK site to pull RSS feeds from their sites,
>> just at a time, Mayday, when there is a lot of content that it's good to
>> share... This doesn't seem to me to be in the spirit of either RSS or
>> Indymedia...

I agree that the timing on Mayday was extremely unfortunate, it would
have been nice to have all the great stuff people were publishing in one
place. But the quote above makes it sound to me like we are trying to
influence a third party on how to use our feeds, I don't think that's
the case. I'm really sorry Chris got so much grief over the changes and
I wish we could have had all that discussion in a more constructive
manner. But what I personally, and I assume it's fair to say both
collectives are trying to do isn't control our feeds, but to have a say
in how the public face of our network looks and works. It would be good
to get feedback from other collectives on this.

I've also noticed that Mir is currently pulling the published wire, from
london discussion I know that we would like it to be the promoted one.
Can you maybe change that Chris? That would be great, thanks!
The promoted feed is here:


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