[Imc-uk-process] Re: Publishing server and server appeal

Maqui maqui at syndicate.org.uk
Tue Nov 9 09:48:31 PST 2004


i'd like to propose tony's design for a banner for the Server Appeal. 
I've just added it to the UkDesign twiki:


it is not an animated one .. from what i gather, i guess more people 
would be happy with a static one.
(oopps ... I have been pointed out that there's a typo mistake ... it 
says sever instead or server. obviously this needs to be changed :-)

i think the starpage special appeal feature is now taking too much space 
(specially with the fallujah story going on), so  i'd propose to click it 
as "feature" instead, so it will go down the page. The banner could then 
be linked to that feature.



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