[Imc-uk-process] Copyleft

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Fri Aug 19 03:01:43 PDT 2005


On Fri 19-Aug-2005 at 10:12:00AM +0100, MrDemeanour wrote:
> Shouldn't we have a page on the IMC-UK site that
> contains explicit licensing terms, linked-to from *both*
> the Publish page and from the front-page? I think these
> terms should amount to a Creative Commons Non-Commercial
> Share-Alike License:-
> http://www.fraw.org.uk/_admin/ccncsa.html
> ...another option is a Free Art License:-
> http://artlibre.org/licence/lalgb.html

Yes, (though I'd prefer the CC Share-Alike Attribution like
IMC Italy uses), this has been discussed before and there
is some stuff on the wiki about it also...


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