[Imc-uk-process] Re: [imc-uk-tech] More libelous comments? Newswire is hot today!

Salim Fadhley sal at deskforce.ltd.uk
Tue Feb 21 03:54:05 PST 2006

I'm not suggesting we do anything about this post. I totally agree that we
(technical / mirror ops) people shouldnt get involved with operational
editorial matters, however I am just trying to highlight a problem.

I also subscribe to the principle that nothing should be censored (at
least not by us) until a formal complaint, stating spesifically the
grounds of the error and some kind of requested action is received.... in
this case we have neither so are justified in letting it pass.

I dont know if the Levellers read indymedia or take cocaine, I was just
highlighting it as an example of the way we let ourselves down. Newswire
is being somewhat abused on a daily basis. There is good important stuff
on newswire... however it gets let down by the occasional wonky post.


<quote who="GarconDuMonde">
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> hey,
> Salim Fadhley wrote:
>> This article suggests [blah, blah, blah...]
>> :-)
> yeah, but ... - i don't think we need to go looking for trouble and, as i
> think
> [machine] pointed out, we really don't need to do anything until _after_
> we are
> contacted, unless it contravenes our editorial guidelines, of course. that
> said,
> i'll reiterate the fact that:
>    * a "hidden" post is still libellous, as it is publicly published (on
> the
> web) and a different colour background counts for zilch, afaik.
> thus, i propose that we bring the debate of libellous posts to a public
> forum,
> and debate the generic, rather than any specific post: we need to
> establish some
> policy or protocol for how a (trusted, closed) group can proceed when
> faced with
> these circumstances.
> i suggest, also, that future emails are SENT ONLY TO IMC-UK-PROCESS.
> thanks.
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> love and solidarity,
> 	--gdm
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