[Imc-uk-process] Re: Promoted topic added to the site

mish mishd at fastmail.fm
Mon Jan 9 04:55:40 PST 2006

First up, I'm quite happy for the promoted newswire to go ahead, and for
the privacy policy as it stands to be posted.

Not quite sure about the editorial guidelines though.  Mostly as I
haven't had the time to go through in detail yet.  I've just forwarded
it to the Cambridge list for comments.

I would be happy for it to go up now (so it can explain the promoted
wire) but we might have a to pull it if there are major objections.
Maybe there should be a note added saying that the guidelines will
evolve as we adjust to working with the new features.  We could add a
third paragraph before the title - "Types of postings to Indymedia UK"

"There have been some recent changes to the site - the promoted newswire
[link] being the biggest.  The editorial guidelines will evolve as we
adjust to working with the new set up.  The debate will be on the
imc-uk-features [link] list and your contribution to the debate is

> BTW: what alternative process is being suggested here? You (Chris) said
> on 2nd January: "How long do we need to agree this text and the text of
> the feature article and the changes Ekes suggested to the Editorial
> Guidelines -- a week or so (9th Jan 2006)?" - Other than a Network
> Meeting I'm not aware of any other candidate process; and a NM is
> arguably not as open and inclusive a process as a mailing-list consensus.

One alternative process between list consensus and a network meeting is
for individual collectives in the UK to meet and agree, in addition to
list consensus.  To avoid the process dragging out (due to some
collectives not functioning at the time), there could be a deadline of
one month.  The deadline would automatically be extended for any
collective that asks if it has its next meeting more than a month away.

This is kind of what we did for the promoted newswire.  Whether it is
appropriate for the editorial guidelines changes I am not sure, but it
is an option.  I think it might be appropriate for deciding whether to
change the promoted wire to the default in a few months time.  As to the
process for deciding which process we use ...

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