[Imc-uk-process] Re: [Imc-uk-network] urgent proposal - public indy boycott of google search results as google sides with china on blocking subversive sites

mish mishd at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 25 06:36:09 PST 2006

If we're using a commercial search engine then google is still better
than MSN or Yahoo on this issue.  From the article you link to 

"Until now, Google has held out from doing a deal in China, while rivals
Yahoo! and Microsoft, owner of MSN Search, have shown a willingness to
compromise with the authorities."

The server is too loaded at present to use the inbuilt search, but once
the database server is up and running we may be able to think about
using the Mir search again.

Another option would be to use http://activista.org/ but I'm not sure
how good it is meant to be ...  Anyone out there use it?


On Wed, 2006-01-25 at 13:36 +0000, Ben wrote:

I've always been against indy uk using google results for the search  
page (even more against the pretentious move to scroogle which is  
purely parasitic and just removes the sponsored ads while providing an  
ugly and crippled results page).

However, now that Google is providing the Chinese government with a  
special filtered version of google for the china mainland that removed  
sites deemed subversive by the chinese government I think it is time  
for urgent action from the IMC UK to make a public statement about  
boycotting google and switch to something else - preferably the in  
built MIR search engine or some other commercial engine.

Perhaps MSN would be funny. 'Indymedia deem Google more evil than  
microsoft' could be the headline ;-)

0,,25689-2009397,00.html&hl=en (spot the irony)

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