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Tony wrote:
> So i would not personally want to support the ban but would like to
> suggest the issue move to a local resolve - but maybe people there
> feel that has been tried - hard to say without reading 500 more mails!

i think it has been tried locally. darwin was hosted by perth. perth tried to
help resolve conflict, eventually failed so said they wouldn't host them. axxs
(based in melbourne) stepped in, said they would host, got fed up, i think they
have dropped darwin (but i might be wrong). mick continues to slander ppl.

i agree international/faraway input doesn't help these situations, only
(probably) makes them worse. this may also go for distant, but "local" help,
e.g. melbourne within the oceania region. someone pointed out a report from
stacy, an activist who was living and working in sydney, who visited darwin:


she is, maybe, an odd character at times (aren't we all?), but that seems like a
reasonable attempt to understand the situation, and support darwin activists in
being part of imc.

i've also seen some quite bizarre emails by others, from around the world, in
various places about this subject recently. australia has a long, racist,
extremely imperialistic "modern" history - but the thousands of years of
aboriginal existence before "we discovered" australia go forgotten in history
books and by many.

it is a difficult situation - from all sides.

> sorry that wasn't too decisive..

not at all. in fact, that may be the best way to approach this - to say
something like "we don't oppose the proposal as we cannot understand all the
circumstances surrounding it, but we see the trauma that is being caused.
likewise, we do not necessarily support it either. having discussed it, we have
no position."

i guess that isn't too decisive either - but i'd also like to maintain at least
a semblance of neutrality, being one of the facilitators of imc-process.



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