[Imc-uk-process] IMC UK Network Meeting: proposed date 4/5 November

Zak zak at riseup.net
Thu Sep 28 01:40:05 PDT 2006

Hi all,

At Tuesday's (very small) IRC meeting, we looked at the responses to the
previous email [1] about the network meeting, and it seemed clear that
4/5 is the one weekend that was good for all those responded.

However, we realised that this is earlier than ideal for the Common
Place [2] -- we would still very much like to have the meeting there,
but if that date isn't feasible we could alternatively take up the offer
from Rampart [3] if that weekend is okay for them. (Stu, if you could
let us know whether it would be feasible to use the Common Place a
little earlier that would be great...)

I suggest a deadline of either 23:59 next Tuesday (3 Sep) or when we
have confirmation of a venue for that date, whichever comes later, after
which we'll consider the time and place fixed.

Once we have a date and venue fixed though, there's still plenty to be
done in terms of sorting out an agenda and timetable etc to make sure we
get as much as possible out of the weekend.

It would also be helpful if people could forward this to their
collectives and start to get some idea of how many from each will be going,


[1] http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/mmid/imc-uk-network/2006-0919-1i
[2] http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/mmid/imc-uk-process/2006-0915-m7
[3] http://lists.indymedia.org/mailman/mmid/imc-uk-network/2006-0911-yf

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