[Imc-uk-process] Deadlines and Ultimatums

Mr. Demeanour mrdemeanour at jackpot.uk.net
Mon Apr 18 15:25:24 PDT 2011

[I originally sent this email to this list using the Mayday collective's
email address as the sender. It was bounced, which is unfortunate: the
only purpose of this list, at present, is for the Mayday Collective to
communicate with other UK collectives concerning the fork. Could a mod
please authorise Mayday Collective to post to this list unmoderated?


The Mayday Collective notes the various emails from nab [1], Bristol IMC
[2] and London IMC [3], and from Listwork [4].

1. We object to the closing down of lists that we are using for newswire
moderation. We BLOCK the closing of the uk-moderation and uk-features
lists on May 1. We suggest that closing the uk-process list on May 1
appears to be premature, since the agreement seems unlikely to be
completed by that date.

2. We are not willing to move to a temporary URL on May 1. We are
therefore blocking the proposal that DNS changes should be made that are
adverse to the UK/Mayday site, until such a time as our status as an IMC
has been properly resolved.

Mayday Collective.

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