[Imc-uk-process] Fork decision and attempts to block retroactively

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Fri Apr 22 15:44:28 PDT 2011

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Hello all

I hope you're all enjoying the weather at at the moment.

What's the sticking issue here?

If we all did what we could to support Mayday being an independent IMC
as soon as possible, would that resolve everything?

I speak as someone with no vested interest in Group A or Group B.

But I would like to see Indymedia in the UK move forward.

Peace, love, and sun.


On 22/04/11 17:52, Imc London wrote:
> Dear Mayday collective,
> You seem to have a problem understanding the nature of decision making.
> The fork was agreed by everyone, including you, at the last Indymedia UK
> meeting. After a decision has been made, you no longer have the option
> to block it. That's the whole point of making decisions.
> You could make a new proposal or suggest an amendment to the decision.
> However any proposal that would entail the fork not happening on 1st May
> 2011 will most likely be blocked.
> To be very clear here, the option to keep Indymedia UK running as it is
> does not exist. Our failure to work together during the past year is
> exactly what brought us to the point of ending the Indymedia UK project.
> At this point, you have two choices:
> 1) We all go ahead with the fork, and try to keep things as painless as
> possible. Everyone gets to go back to doing some reporting of radical
> news instead of arguing on email lists.
> 2) You, the Mayday collective, or group A, can pull out of the
> agreement. In that case we, Be The Media, or group B, will be able to
> finally act on the decision made at the Indymedia UK meeting in London
> in the summer of 2010 and set up the Indymedia UK aggregator on our
> domain, indymedia.org.uk.
> Everything except your active participation in the fork arrangement will
> mean you are pulling out.
> You have control over crucial infrastructure that belongs to Indymedia
> UK. We trust you will live up to the responsibility and accountability
> that comes with the privilege of being entrusted with technical access
> and that you will not abuse this position of power in order to prevent
> the fork. As you are still hoping to become an affiliated Indymedia, we
> also trust you will adhere to the Principles of Unity.
> Imc London
> p.s. Please stop insinuating that Indymedia London ever wanted to shut
> down Indymedia UK. Many of us have been part of this project much longer
> than you. The end of the project is incredibly depressing for all of us.
> We wanted to take the next step with Indymedia, we wanted the
> aggregator. Just as was decided, in consensus, with no objections, at
> the last Indymedia UK meeting before the split. You were the ones who
> torpedoed that decision, and in the end brought Indymedia UK to its knees.
> The fork is a miserable compromise that we agreed to in order to avoid
> further escalation of conflicts, to spare the global network another
> round of dealing with the fallout of local conflicts and to be able to
> stop arguing on email lists and finally be able to spend our time doing
> what we love to do: producing radical media.
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