[Imc-uk-process] re-stating position of mayday collective and proposed way forward

mara mara at aktivix.org
Fri Apr 29 13:43:05 PDT 2011

Being somewhat selective and quite pissed off... Please feel free to
ignore my not very constructive contribution to yet another instalment
of the philosophical everyday.

On 29/04/11 21:03, Mr. Demeanour wrote:

> You apparently don't care to apply through new-imc. Aggromedia isn't an
> indymedia collective. That's fine - it's a new site. Indy UK is a
> ten-year-old site, and it's part of Indymedia. We agreed to change our
> URL *within* Indymedia. That isn't going to be possible on May 1. As
> your own allies and friends have pointed out, that was not anticipated
> by any of us.

For one thing, every collective in group B went through New Imc.
Successfully. We have no need to apply to New Imc. We successfully did.
Like in the past. Four times even. (We could probably just have
requested an Indymedia domain, for a project run by four affiliated
Indymedias, and gotten it, thinking about it now.)

None of you have ever gone through the process.

Indymedia UK is actually 11 years old, not 10. In two days time. Why do
I know this? Because members of my collective helped start this project.

Members of the Mayday group only joined an already existing Indymedia.
All of us, and many many more, have contributed to this project over the
past 11 years. It belongs to all of us.

Get it into your head: You are a faction. In a conflict. Nothing more.
You are not "successors to Indymedia UK" or anything.

None of the 'collectives' (see what I did there? Inverted commas for
sarcasm, I'm learning!) who are part of Mayday ever bothered to go
through New Imc. All of the ones that are part of group B did.

Maybe the fact that all the Imcs that *are* affiliated are disagreeing
with you, and that you are having problems with New Imc on top of that
should make you think.

Obviously your conception of what Indymedia is or ought to be is not
shared by a lot of people. A lot of people who actually are members of
affiliated Indymedias.

Just maybe you should start entertaining the possibility, that, how
shall I put it, that your idea of what Indymedia is, is a bit uncommon.
In terms of not commonly shared. By Indymedia volunteers.

Have fun writing another set of really long and angry emails, telling me
and everyone else how terrible we are.


(purely personal capacity)

p.s. sorry again about this. won't happen again.

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