[Imc-uk-process] Indymedia is not a label

mara mara at aktivix.org
Sat Apr 30 04:35:20 PDT 2011

Hi all,

sorry about my rash email last night, I was tired and angry.

On 30/04/11 10:48, anargeek wrote:
> On Fri 29-Apr-2011 at 09:43:05PM +0100, mara wrote:
>> We could probably just have requested an Indymedia domain, for a
>> project run by four affiliated Indymedias, and gotten it, thinking
>> about it now.
> So if 4 IMC's can get a sub-domain just by asking could 6 (including
> Scotland and UK) get a sub-domain for Mayday just by asking?
> Wouldn't it have been easier to have asked for 2 sub-domains,
> a.indymedia.org. and b.indymedia.org back in December -- then we
> woudn't be in the mess.

Chris, you have misunderstood what I meant. I meant that, if four
affiliated Indymedias get together to run a project, they could ask for
an indymedia domain. Because they have already gone through the process.
And because the new project would only get this, a domain. The project
would be run by already affiliated Indymedias, who are accountable to
the global community. But they wouldn't get another voice in the global
network, the new project would not count in the decision making process.

If there is an independent group that wants to set up and run an
Indymedia, and be an affiliated Indymedia in the global network, there
is no way around the global process.

Or did you mean that Mayday does not care about becoming an affiliated
Indymedia, but merely wants an Indymedia domain? I don't think that, if
group B would request a domain for a website that is run by people who
cannot work with us, this would be likely to succeed.

Hope this clears up the misunderstanding,

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