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ekes ekes at riseup.net
Mon Jun 26 09:37:12 PDT 2006

This is a request for the domain york.indymedia.org.uk to use for the
site http://yimc.iskra.net/

As York Indymedia is in the process of forming I suggest this should be
time limited to October in the first instance. Should there not be a
York Collective, active and well into the new imc process the domain
should be removed. Similarly if this isn't completed by December it
should be removed (see original mail below).

At the moment there is a small collective who are maintaining the site
and are active contacting others to get them involved to broaden the
group to be representative. Presently there are individuals involved
from York Against the War, No2Id, York Unity, and I believe York PSC;
there are students and residents involved; it is mainly women who are
actively doing the work - but the meetings have been balanced. The
collective at the moment are provisionally working to Bristol Style
editorial to maintain the website and are working by consensus. Once
there are a more representative group the guidelines and POU will be

Proposed deadline: Sunday July 2nd
Suggest imc-uk-network list for follow-up and discussion?

On IMC-York list ekes wrote, and got agreement to:
> Suggest we, this e-mail list, join the United Kollekives [1] and request
> the domain york.indymedia.org.uk to point at the development site.
> There is no set process for this so I propose we commit to be properly
> in the New IMC process [2] by October and through it (or clearly explain
> why) by December; asking the domain be removed if Indymedia York isn't
> real enough to make it.
> *** This requires more than consent by silence ***
> *** if you agree do reply to the list in support - or disagree publicly. ***
> Suggest Deadline: Sunday
> [1] United Kollektives are those using IMC UK (Birmingham, Cambridge,
> Leeds Bradford, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottinghamshire, Oxford,
> Sheffield, South Coast) and also IMC Scotland and IMC Bristol
> [2] The New IMC process is the way of becoming a recognised Indymedia
> like Scotland and Bristol - the process is full of sensible things (some
> of which people are already doing, like contacting local groups not
> represented for their support and involvement) a list here:
> http://docs.indymedia.nth-dimension.org.uk/view/Global/NewImcHowTo#NEW_IMC_PROCESS_HOW_IT_WORKS
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