[Imc-uk-radio] John Peel dies

rachel roses inshallahroses at operamail.com
Tue Oct 26 09:01:28 PDT 2004

yeah mate, i'm sad too.=20

that guy, i spent my early teens falling asleep to his radio show, meanwhil=
e taping it so i wouldn't miss the bits i was sleeping to!

if it wasn't for john peel, i'd have been stuck in a narrow market town wit=
h no idea of the cool music and ideas that lay beyond it. so yeah, he reall=
y shaped me too. Rxx

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> the BBC anounced today that the veteran DJ John Peel died on monday 24 oct
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/3955289.stm=20
> This is a really really sad thing to happen. This guy was the worlds=20
> greatest
> he introduced me to punk wayback and that probably influenced my activism.
> but he championed so much great music and introduced so much non-mainstre=
> to so many -
> punk reggae hiphop gabba and numerous others before they were heard of in=
> the 'charts'
> he had a show nearly every night for as long as i can remember thats a lo=
> time im 44 now
> it feels a bit like losing one of your parents
> Andrew (imc-uk-radio)=20
> Politics is the art of
> looking for trouble,
> finding it,
> misdiagnosing it and then
> misapplying the
> wrong remedies.
> G. Marx=20

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