[Imc-uk-radio] radio archiving ideas

yossarian yossarian at aktivix.org
Thu May 19 06:18:05 PDT 2005


Last night I got a request to look into some sort of better workflow for
radio uploads during the summit - eklekta wanted to see if there is any
simpler way of doing things than http uploads to radio.indymedia.org
using the normal publish form .  Doing a little exploring, I found out
that you can put all kinds of info (up to 256MB worth of text) into the
ID3V2 headers of mp3 files.  In theory, it could be possible to build a
fairly simple system where radio people could just use their mp3 player
apps to put whatever info they wanted into the header file of the mp3
itself (using iTunes on mac, WinAmp on windows, or kid3 on linux), put
the file in a directory on a server in the media centre, and have the
file automatically sync itself with an external server such as
radio.indy.  A short script on radio.indy would then extract the ID3
headers from the mp3 files and display the information.

This way nobody would have to take time out to mess around with the
publish form, they could just catalogue their files individually and
dump them into a shared directory in the media centre.  Getting this
system to work would require the following:

a) media centre techs to set up, say, a samba share in the media centre
(pretty easy)
b) setting up an rsync between radio.indy (or whatever server was to be
used) and the media centre (would take some coordination but not
difficult technically)
c) writing the server side script to extract the ID3 tags (relatively
easy for perl, python or php programmers to do but the format would
depend on (d) )
d) integrating this feed (maybe set it up as an rss feed?) onto the
public server in a way that makes sense for that site.  This seems like
the hardest part to me as it would need to integrate with existing systems.

I thought I'd throw that out there to the radio people and techs to see
if other radio people liked this idea, and what the tech people thought
of coding it up.  Here are some resources I found:

* there is an ID3V2 class in the standard library. 
* also this project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mmpython/ will deal
with ogg headers as well

* http://docs.php.net/en/ref.id3.html
* additionally there seem to be dozens of scripts already built that
will format info in different ways

* CPAN module http://search.cpan.org/~lbrocard/MP3-ID3Lib-0.12/ID3Lib.pm
* again lots of scripts available

Eklekta is I think looking into this stuff at the moment. I think the
concern was that it's a lot easier to just put the metadata into the
file locally and then forget about it than it is to remember to upload
every file you produce in the media centre when things get hectic. 

Not sure if any coders would be interested in working on something like
this, it'd basically be a directory-parsing scripting and some
coordination with radio.indy people (don't know if they would be
interested/have the time either). 

Just some thoughts,
ps any radio people please reply directly as I'm not on the uk radio list.

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