[imc-uk-tech] Old UK radio archives

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Mon Oct 17 07:30:31 PDT 2005


I have decided to copy the old radio archives
http://radio.uk1.indymedia.org/ into the main UK web site
-- this saves us from having to get the old radio site up
and running again (though all that is needed is for
/imc/custom/ to be nfs mounted on web4 and a apache
virtual host to be un-commented...).

It is all still copying over at the moment and it will
also take some time to sync to mirrors, it's 3.2Gb of
stuff, but what there is so far is here:


There is also a sub-directory of videos, I don't know if
these should be linked to from anywhere...


And there are a lot of files called things like 102.290
etc here:


I guess these could be deleted -- I don't know what they
are (apart from being binary files)...  


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