[imc-uk-tech] america - land of the free

rikki indymedia rikkiindymedia at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 18 17:46:07 PDT 2007

remember walter wolfgang hustled out of the uk labour conference for
shouting rubbish?

well this is how the americans do it

see the start of this video for the background:

and when the visuals go a bit jerky, check this for the full picture:

then there's more film of the guy being taken out at:

these were recorded this week, when american democrat john kerry
addressed students at the university of florida

for more news about the victim, updates, and additional info, check

then pass this info on, and also DO SOMETHING!  write/email the us
embassy, or john kerry, or ask the uk govt whether they agree with
this or will make a formal complaint.
or phone and complain here:
University of Florida Police Department: (352) 329-1111
University of Florida main switchboard: (352) 392-3261

this is the use of violence to stifle political opposition - otherwise
known as fascism. and democrat john kerry is making jokes on stage
while it is going on! he says the poor guy 'can't come up to swear him
in as president!'

another angle:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=RplFpvK76jc

another extraordinary thing about all this is that a roomful of people
who could see what was going on just allowed it to happen. a couple of
people shout out 'let him go'. and one woman screams 'what did he do?'
and tries to get more involved, but everyone else just sits there and
lets the fascism unfold infront of their eyes.

what is wrong with people? we talk about freedom and justice, and we
have truly entered a world of 'doublespeak'.

please act, and don't even begin to let it happen here - it's coming,
i can assure you. open your eyes and resist. please.

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