[IMC-US] Abuse and Falsified information

DeadlyData zack6924 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 04:14:54 PDT 2008

[EDIT: The only email I've been able to find on the publish website was
www-tech at lists.indymedia.org, I realized this was a mailing list so CC'd to
webmaster @publish as well as the admin of the list some one please give me
information on who I have to contact about this matter]

Who exactly do I have to contact to get falsified information removed from
your website.

You can be held responsible for false accusations referring to the Orange
County DA's office made in the following report.


This as well a very serious matter because it refers to child porn which is
against federal laws and makes this a very serious matter... the fact that
the information is not true makes this entire thing even more illegal, in
order to falsely post information of fake stories and perform impersonation
of government officials is completely illegal.

Indy Media and The original poster of this content could be taken legal
action against.

And I am seaking to get this post removed.

So, please give me who I have to email to do this before I go further by
contacting the local DA and letting them know about the falsified
information that not only impersonates them but impersonates other goverment
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